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World Most Populated City With 37Million People

This wonderful and glamorous city can be found in Japan, which is located to the east of the Asia continent. Tokyo is the name of the city. The city is built on low, alluvial plains with upland hills surrounding it. The city is the world's largest metropolis.It's a fantastic place to be. It is also the world's most populous city, with a population of 37,340,000 which is approximately more than twice Kenya's population.

It is Japan's largest commercial, industrial, and financial center.It is also the country's headquarters, with an Imperial Palace for the Emperor. It is the main trading hub from which goods from other countries are distributed. There are also large and well-known manufacturing and processing firms and industries.

The wonderful architecture, drawings, and skycrapers on the buildings make it a tourist and residential destination. Tokyo is a cultural center with national museums and theatres for entertainment and touring. The central railway station is also in the city which connects to other parts in Japan. The city is very busy because of the large population. See some photos below;

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