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Plane Crash

History: The Plane That Flew For 37 Years Before Landing. Did It Really Happen Or It Is A Myth

I am not sure whether you have ever heard this story anywhere. A plane took off from an airport never to be seen. After 37 years of disappearance the plane reappeared under strange circumstances that surprised many.

The Douglas DC-4 had 57 passengers and 6 crew members at the time of its disappearance. The plane took off at the New York City Airport headed for Miami Florida on July 2, 1955. It came back on March 8, 1985. The pilot after landing taxied towards the gate and the ground operators at the airport could see the passenger on board screaming. Maybe because they saw a new strange world.

The pilot is said to have dropped a calendar on the ground after which he directed the plane onto the runway and took off, disappearing mysteriously just like the plane had appeared. The big question still remains whether he dropped the calendar willingly or it dropped by accident. What was contained in it is also not known.

The governments of United States and Venezuela are said to have taken the calendar and the radar tape recordings of the plane and nothing was ever said again. The story has been around for years and no one has been able to explain what happened.

Some argue that the plane might have passed through a time portal and instead of landing in Miami landed in Venezuela over 30 years later. Do you yourself think this is story is true or just a fiction? Leave your comment below. Follow the page for more articles daily.

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