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Find Out the Most Adventurous Places Across the World

The North sentinel Island

It is in India at Andaman Islands. It is occupied by the Sentinelese indigenous people who do not socialise with outsiders. They become very violent when tourists try to access the area. In 2006,they attacked and killed two fishermen. Lately,they killed a USA missionary John Chau when he was exploring. They are believed to have no strong body immunity hence can easily get sick if exposed to disease causing germs. The area is protected and guarded by the Indian Navy.Madidi National Park

It's found in Bolivia.It has the most dangerous plant species, animals and birds. It's also a home of over one hundred and twenty thousand species of insects. It is highly protected area.

North Yungas road in Bolivia.

It's also popularly known as the road of death. It's 69KM long adventurous road and has waterfalls, landslides and fog. It is surrounded by a mountainous terrain. Back then,about three hundred drivers were killed every year in the road due to its terrain. Lately,it has been advanced making it safe for the users.

Lake Natron.

The lake is situated in northern part of Tanzania.It has the highest level of sodium carbonate making its water corrosive to the human skin and eyes. Interestingly,it is an important breeding site for lesser flamingoes which are more than two million in the area.

Danakil Desert in North East Ethiopia.

It's known to have high temperatures that regularly exceed 122°F. The area is volcanic active and is one of the lowest and hottest places on earth. Afar people lives there. They mine salt and use camels to transport to the nearest town on a two day journey. There are guards who watch over the camels from bandits. The place regularly experience alarming earthquakes.

The death valley.

This is a desert valley in southeastern California in USA. It's also one of the hottest places across the world with temperatures raising as high as 127°F. A number of movies have been filmed here including the 'Accomplice' in 1946 and the 'Gunfighter' in 1950.

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