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Top 6 Lakes In Kenya To Visit This Christmas

Are you planning to spend Christmas in Kenya? In that case, here are the five biggest lakes in the nation to prevent you from becoming stranded for a long time. I'm sure you're all curious to learn more about Africa, and if you have kids, it's critical to be aware of the risks there. You should read this list if you are simply considering visiting but aren't sure where to begin. I'll go through some of the activities to do when exploring Kenya's greatest lakes, which can vary depending on the season.

Naivasha:Between Mount Longonot and Mount Kenya, in the Central Rift Valley, is where you'll find it. Additionally, it contains a dam that provides Nairobi with a significant amount of water. One of Kenya's most popular tourist destinations, this lake is home to more than 50 different types of fish, including the Nile perch, which can grow up to two feet long!

Victoria: It drains into both the White Nile and Blue Nile rivers and is thought to contain 5% of all freshwater on Earth. Nearly 684,000 square kilometres make up its size (250,000 sq m). It has an average depth of 270 metres and a maximum depth of 977m (3,195 feet) (885 ft). This Lagoon bears Queen Victoria's name because she was frequently visited by English explorers during her reign, when she made her first trip to Africa as an empress.There are several attractions in the nation. Its wildlife is varied, lovely, and abundant, and it is the origin of humankind.

Magadi: 584 square kilometres in size, it is situated in the Rift Valley (225 square miles). After being obstructed by volcanic activity for millions of years, it was created when the water from an underground lake burst through a portion of rock. You will be fascinated by the Maasai community in regards to their lifestyle. It is a source of soda ash which is used to manufacture salt.

 Bogoria: 438 square kilometre area, close to a National Park, in the rift (155 square miles). The lake was created when volcanic activity forced water upward through cracks in the earth's crust, creating a pool or basin that was encircled by hills on all sides except one, where it empties into another lake. It also has hot springs. Locals use the hot water to boil eggs within minutes. You should go try for yourself.

Nakuru: Has a size of approximately 990 square miles and is situated in Nakuru city. One of Kenya's most popular tourist destinations, which is home to hippos and crocodiles. Because the water is warm and clear all year long, it's also a fantastic area for fishing.Numerous lodging choices are available there as well. It is well known for flamingoes. You'll be amazed by these birds.

Turkana: The Northern region of the nation is where it is situated. Has numerous tourist attractions, such as the well-known Crocodile River Cruise that takes guests through the region's distinctive ecosystem.

Before visiting, you should know the following about the lakes in the nation. I hope you have a wonderful trip this Christmas.

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