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Kenya is a Top Tourist Destination

Ever wondered why Kenya is the hub of tourists in Africa? Kenya exhibit a wide range of tourist attraction sites yet most Kenyans find it hard to tour them and have a glimpse at the goodness of the nature. According to tourism cabinet secretary, local tourism stands to gain a lot if we as Kenyans get out of our comfort zones and explore the country. Lets have a look at top attraction sites in Kenya.

1.The Maasai Mara game reserve.

Located in Narok county of Rift Valley province, it is the home of a wide range of wild animals and plants.Lions transverse the savanna in the hunt for their prey as antelopes and gazelles gallop across the face of the thick grass. The giraffes feed on tall acacia tress while leopards bask in the sun on rocky surfaces. By luck one can get a snapshot of the great wild beast migration across the Mara river in search for greener pastures in the neighboring Tanzania.

There is a whole lot of hotels next to the reserve one can book at affordable prices.

2.Lake Bogoria hot springs.

Located in northern part of Kenya in Baringo county. The amazing scenery of hot steams of water jetting out underneath the rock surfaces is a site to behold. The active geysers make lake Bogoria an amazing tourist site earning revenue to the county government. The flamingos too make an astonishing scenery that is hard to forget.

3.The Indian ocean

Located in the coastal region of the country, the Indian ocean serves as an important attraction site due to the sandy beaches. Water sport like boat racing makes a huge part of a tourist's diary when in the Indian ocean. Most people embark on a safari to the coast during holidays just to have a relaxing atmosphere before they get back to work. Security in the coast has been improved throughout the years hence it is a safe place to visit with family.

The above tourist destinations among others need to be exploited to the fullest. Kenyan tourists are charged cheaper rates compared to foreign tourists so what prevents you from visiting these places?

Content created and supplied by: ColloCaptell (via Opera News )

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