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The Reasons Why Most Airplanes Are Painted White All Over The World

Airplanes are the best and faster transport system ever from long time ago.Today we are going to knew the reasons why many airplanes are painted in white all around and not other colours where majority have white exterior.

few other airplanes,can be painted different colours.The main reason to this is to reflect sunlight.Painting the airplane white ,minimises both heating and potential damage from solar readition,not only when its in flight, but also when packed runway.

White is crucial because when an aeroplane absorbs heat it minimises and absorbs the heat into the body of the Aeroplane.

The third reason is it reduces bird strike.This is when birds collide with aeroplane in the air,or when it is landing.Bird strike are common and can cause damages to the aeroplane.

What are your thoughs behind the matter.White colour is a colour that cannot fade easily.Do you think we we can wear white to avoid witchgraft ?share your comments.

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