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5 Unique Countries In The World Where the Sun Never Sets and There Is No Night

The reason why these countries has no night and the sun never set is because the earth is titled on its axis by approximately 23 degrees, meaning the sun only rises and sets once each year.

1. Norway – When you visit Norway, a place called Svalbard you will enjoy life to the fullest. The land of midnight sun usually experience sunlight for about twenty hours a day. You can have fun all day, all night. Interesting right?

2. Finland – These beautiful land of thousands lakes and Islands is so unique such that during summer you can do all the activities you wanted in day and night because for 73 days there is no night.

3. Iceland – After Great Britain, Iceland is known as the second largest Island in Europe. In these country people usually go out cycling or visiting the park at night. Yes, this is because these beautiful Island experience sunlight from May 10 to July.

4. Canada – The second largest country in the world is not only known for its beautiful landscape covered with snow but also in places like Inuvik the bright sunlight engulf the entire region for about fifty days during summer. During this times you can enjoy yourself day out, night out.

5.Sweden – The reason why these warmer country is unique and interesting at the same time is because the sunlight engulf the entire region until midnight then at  exactly 4:30am the sun is up again. Beautiful right? This usually occurs from May to late August.

If you are looking for vacation destination then these countries is the best place to visit. You will have fun all day, all night.

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