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Plane Crash

Why Aeroplanes Don't Carry Parachutes To Be Used Incase Of An Accident

Welcome dear reader and in this article, I am going to list down elaborate reasons why commercial Aeroplanes don't carry Parachutes. Take a look!

1. Parachutes are expensive. A single parachute costs something like $8000 (Kshs. 882, 847). This makes it extremely expensive to acquire parachutes for all the passengers. Again, the cost of flying would be so high hence making it close to impossible for majority to afford.

2. Weight of parachutes. A single parachute weighs up to 50 pounds (22kg). This means the the plane will be overloaded, something which will lead to more fuel consumption, thereby making the cost of flying increase.

3. Most planes fly at altitudes of 30,000 feet. At that high altitude, trying to exit the plane will kill you immediately. Also, the oxygen at that altitude is low and this would make one unconscious real quick. When you are unconscious, you honestly can not even activate the parachute.

4. The fast flying speed will certainly also hinder the efficiency of a parachute. Most commercial planes fly at a speed of almost 400 miles per hour (mph). This means that the air pressure would pull you towards the plane leaving you with serious injuries if not immediate death.

5. Also presence of parachutes on the plane would trigger fear and tension to the passengers. This is perhaps another reason why they are not found in planes.

Do you know any other reason? Please share in the comments section.

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