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Why Pilots Are Not Allowed to Have Beards

Although you can easily get a pilot license while having a beard you may have shave it if you want to get a job in an airline. This is because most airlines do not alow their pilots to grow long beards. The simple reason why will actually surprise you since it's for the safety of everyone on board the airplane.

To understand the reason why beards are restricted you first have to be familiar with the fact that most airplanes are pressurized, this means that the air available inside the plane is not natural air but rather air provided by the plane. Therefore when the plane flies at high altitudes this pressurized system may sometime fail leading to lack of air thus forcing those inside to put on emergency oxygen masks on their face.

However if a pilot has a long beard then this becomes a problem since the oxygen mask may not fit on the pilot's face. While a passenger with beards may easily use his hand to press the oxygen mask on his face, the pilot cannot since he cannot strughek with both the plane and the oxygen mask, he must concentrate on one. If the pilot fails to properly wear the mask then he will eventually suffer from hypoxia leading to lack of oxygen thus preventing the brain from fully functioning well. This will ultimately put the lives of everyone on board at risk.

Therefore this bizarre regulation actually helps keep people safe while in the air.

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