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OPINION: The Longest Road A Person Can Walk On Earth, See Distance And Duration

People around the world do walking pilgrimages for purposes that are often spiritual. Every adventure taken by human beings is always exciting, ranging from visiting beaches, tourist attractions or taking dangerous routes.

However, did you know that you can travel the longest distance by a single road from one end of the world to the other?

The longest walkable distance on earth is from Cape Town, South Africa to Magadan, the city in the far North Russia. The estimated distance on the road is 22000km or averagely 14, 000miles.

PHOTO: Google Map showing the longest route on road.

It is alleged that walking for about 8 straight hours may take you 587 days to cover the distance. The real walk is often gruelling and scary because it is filled with wild animals compounded by a bad weather as you cross the Tropics.

What is interesting though is that you will not need any ferries or sail boats for this journey because the entire route is made of roads with bridges interconnected from one country to the other, and across the continents.

For any normal human being, walking at a reasonable pace a day will take approximately three full years to complete the one way trip. This can only be possible if one is well resourced with basic necessity to survive the hazardous journey.

Read more about the road here.

Do you think you have a spare three years to walk through the Earth's longest road?

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