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Bathtub Racing and Other Unique Amazing Facts About Canada!

Here are some facts about Canada you did not know;

1.) Bath tub racing. In Nanaimo British Columbia have fans of bathtub racing. Since 1967, this competition takes place once every year and involves bathtub boats.

2.) Canadian Apology Act. Canadians are famous for saying sorry all the time even when the other person is clearly in the wrong. They have an apology act of 2009 that allows saying sorry in court without being afraid that it will sound like admitting you are guilty.

3.) The most cheerful town in the world. Saint Louis-du- HA! HA! The town has a Guinness world record for most exclamation mark in a town name.

4.) Polar bear jail. Located in Churchill. Polar bears are numerous in Canada hence those aggressive ones get caught and held in this jail until they are relocated.

5.) The most dramatic weather change ever. On 10 the January 1962, the temperatures in Pincer creek which is one of the windiest place in Canada jumped from -19°C to 22°C in just a couple of hours.

6.) Canada's national sport. Its national sport is Lacrosse but they are also involved with much participation in hockey.

7.) Hudson bay. This region in Canada has the lowest gravity than any other place on the planet. You can jump higher and weigh less.

8.) Santa Claus is a Canadian. In 2012, Canadian immigration minister announced this. That is also why his famous outfit are made up of red and white ,which are colours of Canada.

9.) The first landing pad for UFO's. In St. Paul Alberta, they built the first landing pad for UFO. The platform ways 118 tonnes and contains a time capsule which will be opened in 2067.

10.) More than 3 million lakes. This is more than the rest of the world combined. Also all of these lakes contain 20% of all the fresh water on earth.

11.) Worlds largest coastline. Canada has the worlds largest coastline. If you decided to walk along the Canadian coast all round without stopping, it would take you more than 4.5 years. You will have to cover 243,000 km.

12.) Maple syrup. In Quebec Canada, they produce 77% of all the maple syrup in the world. They use it as pancake topping.

13.) The national animal of Canada. The Beaver, is Canada's national animal. It is Canada's largest and the worlds second largest rodent.

14.) Ottawa. This is the capital city of Canada and is one of the coldest city in the world.

15.) Polar Bears. Canada is home to the biggest number of polar bears in the world. Out of approximately 25,000 left on the planet, 15,000 live in the Arctic regions of the country.

16.) Six time zones. Canada has 6 time zones namely; Newfoundland time zone, Atlantic time zone, eastern timezone, central timezone and pacific timezone.

17.) Lowest recorded temperature. The lowest was recorded in Canada and was -63°C.

18.) License plates. In north west Canada, licensed number plates of cars there are made into shape of polar bears.

19.) 1 million dollar coins. This is the second largest coin in the market and is made up of 100 kg of 99% pure gold. They are only 5 in the world and only one is up for sale.

20.) Loony and Toony. This is a form of currency here. The loony is a 1 dollar gold coin and a toony is a two gold colored coin.

21.) Famous interjection "Eh". This famous interjection is used by most Canadians and has been listed in the Canadian Oxford dictionary as a valid word.

22.) Fish for candles. The first British Colombians used fish instead of candles. The Bullechia also known as candle fish is so fatty that when you dry it , and string it would brightly.

23.) Manitoba. There are more snakes in this place than in any other part of the world. Thousands of red guarded cider snakes are concentrated here.

24.) 2nd largest French speaking city. Lots of Canadians speak French as their first language. Montreal is the 2nd largest French speaking city in the world after Paris.

25.) Several of the most popular movie super heroes such as the Wolverine and Superman were created by Canadians.

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