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Most Dangerous City To Live In The World.

Tijuana is one of Mexico’s largest and fastest-growing cities and it is the home of 3.4 million people in 2014 , making the largest Mexican city on the U.S.-Mexico border. “The city is home to roughly 49 % of Baja California’s population while comprising only around 2 % of the state’s territory” .Tijuana grows nearly 96 new inhabitants per day taking immigrants from elsewhere in Mexico .

Tijuana is the medical device manufacture capital of North America and one study estimates that this region is responsible for roughly 40 % of all audio-visual manufacturing in the same region. But the abundance of jobs does not go hand in hand with a better quality of life. According to a recent study in 2018 by the National Council for the Evaluation of a Social Development Policy , almost 70 % of the population lives in conditions of poverty ,there are lots of jobs but very low wages and poor conditions for Social mobility.

The city boasts of 138 homicides per look people.Almosr seven people are killed everyday in this city.This city is famous for poverty and violent crimes etc. rape, homicides and kidnapping etc The main reason behind this violence are human trafficking and drug traders by different gangs.Another reason for violence is a rivalry between Sinaloa and Tijuana Cartels.

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