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Things you Should Carry when on an International Flight

Nice headphones or earplugs

Airplanes produce a lot of noise and this might be irritating especially to passengers who are going for a long distance. Good quality headphones might help you relax while listening to your play list or just watching some videos. If you do not have money for headphones, try earplugs which are cheaper.

USB cable

Most devices today use USB cable for charging and even transferring data, so you should never forget to carry this item. Airplanes too have USB plugs in every sit where you can charge you phones, although it might not be a fast charger but it will keep your power topped up. Also make sure the cable is long enough so that you can have easy time using your phone

USB battery pack

Also referred to as a power bank, this device is also used to charge your phone and it is faster just. The good thing with it is that it is portable and a good quality one can recharge several mobile devices. Remember, you might get bored in the airplane and all you can do is watch some movies, never forget to carry power bank or a USB cable

A good camera

Most smart phones today have a good camera and great storage. You can use them to take video and pictures of your experience, great views and memorable moments; this will be very useful especially if you are sitting next to a window. Those on the aisle this can be optional


This is a document issued by the government to one of its citizens that is important for exit from and reentry into the country under its protection. Without this you cannot travel, it is likely to hold the number and valid dates for the immigration form 

Your pen

In some countries you might be required to write on immigration arrival or custom forms with your basic information. If you do not have a pen, you might have some hard time finding one. Also some airports might require you to fill some forms, so just make sure to carry a pen with you just incase

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