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The Beautiful Royal Cottage Elsa Kopje's In Meru County

Elsa Kopje's is sculpted into Mughwango hill above the site of George Adamson's original camp where he raised orphan lions long before.

It has cottages,unique bush camps carved on top rocks in Meru National Camp.It has amazing architecture,best room service ,nice scenaries and great breathtaking adventure in the park.

The park offers a rhino sanctuary, elephant herds,hippo,lions and flocks of birds.The park was started by an award winning environmentalist Elsa Kopje.She was also the winner of Good Safari Guide and is widely reknowned as most elegant lodges in Africa.

It has won several awards in Africa as being the most lavish,loyal,best service and one of the most enjoyable places to visit here in Kenya.The jacuzzi is available and good swimming pools.

People can go there for honeymoons, birthdays,vacations,adventure and also photoshoots.It is a conducive for each and everyone also kids are well catered for.

If you are in Kenya and haven't visited there yet please your are missing alot.For your next adventure or vacay just visit Elsa Kopje's.

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Africa Beautiful In Meru Meru National Camp.It Mughwango


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