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You Will Find the Following Tribes in the Following Area in Nairobi

I know everybody comes to Nairobi very green and ready to hit the road for his or her daily hustling so as to make ends meet for they say 'Nairobi ni shamba la mawe' meaning Nairobi is a stony farm ( There is a deep meaning to this slogan)

In Nairobi, different tribes are know to tend to stay is same area. The reason is not clear but the fact remains that most people like to stay where there is a family member or someone whom they feel safe around.

Below is places to find hi density of specific tribes.

1. Kibera.

- This is a habitat for the Luo nation though there is a number of Nubians, Luhyas and Kamba people. But the largest tribe that is known to stay here are the luopeans. With Nubians hitting high numbers in Lindi.

2. Kangemi.

- Kangemi remains the heart of the Luhya community with 80% of the population been them. They like this place and the evident is the number of Mbukinya and Msamaria mwema buses which are everyday taking guys to shags and bring them to Nairobi. In this area you also find some Kalenjins and Luos though in small numbers.

3. Kawangware

- This is another area in Nairobi where the guys from western have peace of mind staying in. Since they are the the highest number dwelling there. They are joined here by some kisii and luo community. Kikuyus and Kalenjins are very few.


- This is place with the highest population in Nairobi of late due to the affordability of life, and the new style of building flats where one can put up to as much as 200 bedsitter in one flat of 8 floors and easily get tenants,with a big number of the dwellers been Kamba, luhyas and Kikuyus. The Kamba community dominated the are in terms of numbers.

5. Zimmerman.

- This is the place in Nairobi where muudu wa nyumba is common, since the highest number of dwellers of this area are the Kikuyu people.

6. Njenga and Imara daima.

- This is another area in Nairobi where the majority of the dwellers are from Kisii. They are mostly the people running the embassava sacco.

7. South B kisii Village.

- As the name goes the place is located in South B. This is a ghetto that has 85% population from same region. This is another Kisii land far from Kisii.

8. Waruku.

- Also know as Machakos ndogo is a small informal settlement in between Kangemi and Westlands. This is a place where 80% of the residents are kamba people.

9. Baba Ndogo.

- This is a an area that most of the dwellers are from Nyanza. It is next to Kibera in terms of the highest number of dwellers. Even though we have Kikuyus, Luhyas and some kisii communities in Baba Ndogo, the big number of dwellers is Luo.

10. Mathare.

- This a place where you find most Kikuyus and some few Kamba, Somalians and very few luos and luhyas.

11. Langata.

- This a place in Nairobi where you will find some Luos, Kalenjins in big numbers and the guys from Sudan. The Sudanese are seen more often in Langata than other tribes in Kenya. But basically the highest percentage is Luo and Kalenjins.

12. Umoja.

- It's very hard to known what tribe dominates this area. This is the only area that have all the tribe in almost equal numbers.

What's your view what area do you think has been left out?

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