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Road Trip From Kenya to South Africa by Matatu and Train

Traveling from Kenya to South Africa by road and rail would be a spectacular adventure traveling over 5000 kilometres enjoying southern and eastern African culture .

The most enjoyable thing is that you will be traveling by public means while enjoying scenic views across five countries.

You need the following legal documents: a passport , yellow fever certificate , a visa and money . It's advisable to have your cash in US dollars as it's easier to convert it to other currencies.

The best advisable route is Kenya - Tanzania- Zambia- Botswana - south Africa route .

First book a bus from Nairobi to dar- es -salaam .The distance is 822 kilometres and it will cost you ksh 3500 .A bus that will leave Nairobi at 0800 hrs will reach dar - es - salaam at 2100 hrs the same day.dar es salaam

From Dar-Es-Salaam, take the TAZARA Railway. The railway goes from Dar to Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia a 65 hours journey covering a distance of 1739 kilometres which takes three days.It will cost you ksh 3500 from dar -es - salaam to kapiri .A railway line connecting dar-es- salaam to kapiri ,Zambia.

From Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia you will take a bus headed to Lusaka which is 165 kilometres , a three hour journey which which will cost you Ksh 600.

Upon reaching Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, you will travel a 644 kilometres 14 hours journey to Francistown in Botswana by a bus and will cost you Ksh2300.

From Francistown head to Gaborone a 5 hour journey covering a distance of 441 kilometres and will cost Ksh1,100.

Upon reaching Gaborone you will be required to have a visa so that you can be allowed to South Africa.Gaborone to Johannesburg will take approximately 4 hours and 25 minutes a distance of 348 kilometres. Which will cost you Ksh 3500.

From Johannesburg to Cape town is a distance of 1261 kilometres and will cost you Ksh 3500 by train.cape town

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