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Check Out The 5 Most Dangerous And Beautiful Places On Earth

Although vacation in an exotic destination constitutes making reminiscence of a lifetime. But sometimes, such recreational visit can be very dangerous for you. This articlethas a list of 5 most dreadfully paradisiacal places which might show you the heaven for real.

Trift Bridge, SwitzerlandThe Trift Bridge is the longest and highest suspension bridge of the Alps which was built in 2004 and remodeled in 2009. 100 meters high and 170 meters in length, this turned out to be a tourist magnet. The route to the bridge in a cable-car itself is adventurous enough but the spectacular view of the Trift glacier below is pastoral. However, people with acrophobia (fear of heights) are highly recommended to stay away from this pedestrian delight.

Cape Town in South Africa

Cape Town, the paramount of South Africa has an endless list of tourist attractions. Unfortunately in recent times, with the succession of poverty the crime rate has increased to almost a rampant level which includes mishaps like mugging, drug trade and even robbery. But the surreal terrain of Cape Town is too hard to pass. Thus, it is advised to take necessary precautions while you are visiting

Annapurna in Nepal

The glaciers of Annapurna feeds the rivers in that region. It is the 10th highest mountain in the world, in which resides 6 major peaks. Besides, its opulent green panorama, the trail is involuntarily famous for being one of the deadliest 8-thousanders. In 2013, snowstorms and avalanches have killed thirty-nine trekkers from a different part of the world on a hiking route of Annapurna trail. There are very few fortunate ones who make it to the top of the monstrous ridges.

The Grand Canyon in ArizonaThe Grand Canyon plays the role of a mascot for Arizona. There are certain factors to take into account when you visit this place, most of the areas of the Canyon is not securely railed. The parts which are in fact secured, it is still wise to stay off the railing since the edges of the cliffs might be slippery. Furthermore, it’s eminently recommended to keep children off of this treacherous trail.

Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls in ZimbabweDevil’s pool is located on the top of Victoria Falls which is considered to be the largest waterfalls on the whole planet. The thrill of witnessing the breathtaking view right on the edge of the waterfalls, which is also known as the “Devil’s Armchair” is exhilarating. But the water rushing up to three thousand cubic meters per second is not really your regular dip in the swimming pool. One wrong step and you might fall to a hundred meters drop to your death.

In conclusion, remember that life is too precious for losing it to ignorance. If you’re an avid traveler know your destinations well before exploring them.

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