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How Dead Bodies Are Stored in Cruise Ships While Out in The Sea

It's normal for people to die everyday even when they are traveling. Many might not realize it but people dying while on cruise happens occasionally.

Most deaths that occur are due to natural cases however incase it's a suspected murder, the cruise team onboard can hold the suspected person until local authorities arrive since ships do have small prisons for situations like this.

Firstly it's important to note that cruise ships rarely alter their course if a passenger dies. However incase of an emergency like an immediate surgery being required then the ship can change direction, or alternatively a helicopter can come to meet the ship.

All cruise ships are required to have a morgue and enough body bags that can store upto six bodies. Therefore if a passenger does die then the body is stored in the ship until the ship reaches a place where the body can be disembarked since the ship has to get the body off the ship as soon as reasonably as possible.

However since ships cannot keep a dead body on board for more than one week thus it can prove to be a problem during longer cruises or when ships are very far from a port.

Once at the port the body is unloaded discreetly from a separate exit so that other passengers don't see it. However the body can only be offloaded if the port country is able and willing to accept the body since some ports do not accept human remains from a ship.

Once the body has been accepted a death certificate is issued and the family of the deceased can plan on how to repatriate the body.

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