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Huge Amount of Cash Wilson Airport Workers Returned to A Tourist Who Forgot His Luggage

Three Wilson airport workers have been praised after they returned a tourist's bag containing 2.4 million Kenyan shillings and other valuables.

The tourists had left their bag at the airport's arrival section when the two found it and kept it at their office before calling the owners.

Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) revealed that the three will be rewarded for the kind gesture which will promote Kenya as a safe tourist destination.

Joseph Kabangi, one of the three security officers revealed that when they noted that the luggage had been left behind, they first screened the bag to ensure that it had no explosives or dangerous items. On further search, they discovered that the bag contained cash in dollars and Kenyan shillings, phones, an iPad and cards.

They got the owners contacts and he found them in the office where they handed him the belongings. 

Revealed that in cases when they are unable to find the owner of an item left at the airport, they usually hand it over to KRA because integrity is their core value.

Joseph Okumu, the regional airport manager revealed that they plan to install CCTV cameras everywhere around the airport so as to easily know incase a tourist leaves their luggage.

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