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Get To Know 3 Developed Cities In Kenya ( Opinion)

1. Nairobi City.

Is the capital city of Kenya and is popularly know as "Green City in the sun' this is because it has an amazing culture and which is unparalleled to other city. Furthermore it has beautiful national parks and wildlife which has attracts tourist. It is the largest city in kenya and one of the top most developed city in East Africa.

2. Mombasa city.

It is a costal city located in the southeastern of Kenya along the Indian Ocean. It is the second largest city in kenya, it covers 294.7km squared. Due to coastal beaches that are located on the shores of Indian ocean has led to tourist attraction and thus making Mombasa city to be one if the best cities found in Kenya.

3.Kisumu city.

It is a Kenyan city that is found on port of lake Victoria. It's is known for lake viewpoint of Dunga hill camp and Hippo point. Kisumu is the third largest city in kenya after Nairobi and Mombasa.

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