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How and Where to Have Fun Every Weekend on a Budget

There are a million and one ways one would have fun every weekend and holiday without breaking the bank or feeling that they have wasted time and money. It sounds quite unrealistic especially with the prevailing economic situationbut it is very true.

It is healthy to take some time off your routine and appreciate yourself.That makes one even more.

One major way of spending less money on leisure is going out as a group. Well, some of us have the audacity to take ourselves out, place the orders, eat and leave like nothing happened. However, Nairobi residents love to have fun and almost all leisure parks have offers for groups.  

Below are a number of exciting places one can visit in and around Nairobi without spending a lot of money. 

Paradise Lost

This is a perfect and very affordable place to spend your weekend as the name suggests. Paradise Lost is a resort and park located along Kiambu Road. Entrance fee is Ksh400 per person and Ksh300 for children.

This spot is perfect for both introverts and extroverts as you get to enjoy picnics,nature trails,explore the stone-age caves and waterfalls,fishing, boat riding and horse riding among other things.

One more thing that would make you want to go to Paradise Lost as a group is that you are allowed to carry your own food and cook.

  • An undated image of people riding a boat at Paradise Lost.

Diguna High Ropes Challenge

This is one very fascinating challenge you would love to be part of as a group.Diguna High Ropes is located at AIC Diguna in Ongata Rongai.The Challenge involves treading on a series of high ropes that you must complete. All that fun comes at a price of Ksh150 per person.

Zip Lining at The Dam Redhill.

This is one of those experiences you can never forget.The Dam Redhill is a spectacular serene located in Limuru where you can zip line,boat ride,bike ride and eat at a floating restaurant.

When zip lining you pass over a dam, which gives a great view and an adrenaline filled thrilling experience. This comes at a cost of Ksh500 per person.

Mamba Village 

Mamba Village commonly known as Mamba Village Crocodile Farm is a very exciting place to visit with friend or family.It is located in Nairobi's Karen estate. It is actually the largest crocodile farm in Africa, but offers other activities like camel riding, merry go rounds and horse riding.

There are also other reptiles to watch as well as ostriches. Entrance fee is Ksh200, boat ride is Ksh100, horse riding and camel riding is Ksh150 per person.

An undated image of the Mamba village resort centre in Nairobi.

Oloolua Nature Trail

This is one of those places with unmatched serenity and you will have the perfect date with nature. It is located along Karen Road, near the famous Karen Blixen Museum.

The major attractions in Oloolua are a 37 metre long deep into the forest cave, a beautiful waterfall,a bamboo rest point and a papyrus swamp.

The nature trail also offers an opportunity for distance running, leisurely walks alone, with a group or with your pets. 

An undated image of a cave at the Oloolua nature trail

Karura Forest

Karura Forest is an urban forest in Nairobi, off Limuru Road perfect for walking and cycling, or just to sit and watch nature.

You can either go there alone or as a group, depending on whether you want to have fun or simply relax your mind.Entry fee is capped at Ksh100, and if you need a

  • An undated image of a nature walk trail at Karura forest.

Ngong Hills

Hiking at the Ngong Hills is one activity you and your friends would love to take.The Ngong hills are in Kajiado County and besides hiking, the place is a perfect spot for activities like picnics,camping, team building,viewing and even weddings.

Entry to the forest is Ksh200 per person, but the price is subject to change. 

Giraffe Centre

The Giraffe Centre is the place you will have a one-on-one encounter with giraffes.It’s located in Karen, Nairobi, and visitors get to be licked by the giraffes and feed them.

Besides the place is fit for nature walks, and entrance is Ksh400.

Indoor Rock Climbing

This is an exciting activity that is much fun when doing it with friends. It’s like having a mountain under a roof with a beautiful blue.

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