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Riskiest Houses in The World

Many people when asked about the safest place they know would probably mention their houses but some homes in as much as their owners think they are safe are not that safe. Here is a list of some of the riskiest homes in the world.5.China Hanging Monastery

This temple was built in 497AD and was built off a cliff close to Mount Heng in Yuang county china. The monastery was meant to house Buddhist monks. it was meant only for the toughest monks alone.4.Litchenstein castle

This is a privately owned gothic inspired castle in Germany. The owner Duke of Urach wanted to live in his own castle and thus decided to construct this castle on a rock piece on top of two other castles that had been destroyed.3.Meteora

The Meteora is a rock formation in Greece upon which one of the largest and most dangerous monasteries belonging to the east orthodox church is built. There were no ladders to access the place with ropes being used. the ropes were only replaced when a person trying to access the monastery died.2.Puna,Hawaii

Puna is one of the districts of the Caribbean island- Hawaii districts. What makes this area risky is that there is an active volcano that erupts frequently burning houses. This does not discourage people from living here as houses are cheap.1.Takasugi-An Japan

This is a tea house in japan that if famous the world over. It is built over two trees and can only be accessed by a ladder. It looks pretty dangerous. Do not forget to follow for this and other interesting stories.

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