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Photos Of Buses That Were Popular Among Kenyans In Yesteryears

There used to be a long distance bus service called the Overseas Transport Company (OTC) which had a relationship with Kenya Bus Services. Their buses are a household name in the East African region with a hub in Nairobi.

The buses went to Dar-es-Salaam, Arusha, Kampala, Jinja, Tanga and Morogoro via other small towns. They were efficient, clean and responsible.


This was the pioneer of long-distance minibuses on the Embu-Meru highway. It was known for its speed, organization and directness. You won't see many standing passengers either. Those still in operation today are considered less popular.

Akamba Bus

Akamba used to operate countrywide and was among the most prestigious buses in those days until it went under. 

Malindi Bus

This was the only bus that can take you from Nairobi to Malindi after spending time in Mombasa without having to ‘connect’.

Eldoret Express

Their buses are somewhere parked on a dirt road in the garden. They were once the kings of Western Kenya routes after the collapse of Mawingo Bus Services.

Gathanga Success

This green bus was the epitome of old pop culture. It attracted a section of rouudy young passengers, who were also popular with Rastafarians.

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Arusha East African Kampala Morogoro Tanga


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