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The Only Country That Has A Flag Which Is Not Rectangular

All countries in the world have flags and they are all different in color. We all know that most flags in the world take a rectangular shape. However, there is one country in the whole world that has a flag that is not rectangular, Nepal.

Flag of Nepal

Its flag is non rectangular but instead has two triangular shapes joined together. The flag is crimson and has boarders that are blue and has symbols of the moon and the sun.

Nepal has had its flag for years since the time Britain took control of many countries. The flag was used to represent dynasties. As the British rule spread the other nations lost their flags.

Nepal has however remained a sovereign state and has proudly flown its traditional flag whose design dates back many years. The upper segment has a moon, white in color emitting eight rays and a crescent below it. The lower segment of the flag has a sun which is stylish with twelve rays emerging from it.

Earlier on, their were facial features on the moon and sun segments. With the adoption of a new constitution in 1962, the two features were omitted. Follow my page to get notifications when new articles have been published daily.

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