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10 incredible things you probably did not know about Philippines

Is a Catholic country in Asia

Spain who were colonisers of Philippines converted then Islamic tribes in the Philippines to catholicsm and was once the only Christian country in Asia but Christianity has now spread to other parts.

molo church

Divorce remains illegal

This sounds somehow abnormal.With the Catholic Church’s grip on Philippine society, the country has a strong conservative stand on social issues like divorce and same gender marriage.In fact,it has been confirmed to be the only country in the world which does not support divorce.

Filipino are boxing and beauty pageants fanatics

The Filipinos are proud of Manny Pacquiao,a famous boxer who once we're engaged in a match with USA Floyd Mayweather.When he is fighting,everyone is so glued to their TV that there is almost respect to him.

They smile for many reasons

Hospitality is one of the characteristics of the locals that draws its visitors to visiting them as tourists.It easy for Filipinos to smile,but it does not mean they are happy all the time.In fact they can smile even if they are embarrassed.

Has eagles that feed on monkeys

There have been reports of locals seeing a big eagle feeding on monkeys.the eagle can also prey on the gazelles but it also feeds on flying birds and other animals.This biggest eagle in the world.

Has beautiful ladies

This is because some of it's ladies have been nominated as the world's best women.some of them have also been crowned as miss universe.

Produce the coco de mer

They also produce the biggest coconut in the world knomn as coco de mer.It is as shown below.

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