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Interesting Facts About The African Continent That You Should Know

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Among all the seven world's continents, Africa is a distinctively unique continent with diverse culture.

Africa is rich in diversity and cultural heritage, a wealth of natural resources and it offers tourist attractions that are strikingly breathtaking.

The most interesting facts about the African continent that you need to know about are:-

√ Africa is the world's second-largest continent both in population and size.

√ The dominant religion in Africa is Islam followed by Christianity.

√ The most widely-spoken language in Africa is Arabic.

√ Despite being the second largest continent in the world,Africa has the shortest coastline.

√ Africa is actually the world's most centrally located continent in the world. Both the prime meridian which is 0 degrees longitude and the equator which is 0 degrees latitude cut across it.

√ In Africa, Nigeria has the highest population with a total of 154.7 million people. This actually represents 18% of the total population of Africa.

√ Both the world's largest and tallest land animals come from the African continent. They are the African elephant and giraffe respectively.

√ In the African continent, around 2,000 different languages are spoken and each of the languages has a different dialect.

√ Africa has the the world's longest river known as the Nile and the world's largest desert known as the Sahara.

√ By land area, Algeria is the biggest country in Africa.

√ Ethiopia is the world's hottest place.

√ The term 'Dark Continent' was coined because the African continents' terrain was inhabitable and remained unknown for thousands of years.

√ The equator normally passes through the middle of the African continent and it receives direct sunlight throughout the whole year.

√ The major animals in Africa are zebra, lion, African elephant, cheetah, Egyptian mongoose, giraffe and addax.

√ Africa's largest waterfall is the Victoria Falls which is located on the Zimbabwe and Zambia border.

√ It will be interesting to know that more than 50% of the world's French-speaking population reside in the African continent.

√ Angola has more Portuguese speakers as compared to Portugal.

√There is a pink lake in Senegal.

√ Africa is actually the hottest continent on earth.

√ The size of the African continent is 30,221,532 sq km

√ The African continent has a total of 54 countries.

√ The total population of African people is around 1,216,130,000.

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