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World Most Populated City With 37Million People

This lovely and opulent city is located in Japan, which is in the eastern region of Asia. Tokyo is the name of the city. The city is located in a region of low, highland hills bordered by alluvial flats. The city is the world's largest metropolis. It's a fantastic place to be. It is also the most populous city in the entire globe, with a population of 37,340,000, or about twice as many people as Kenya.

It is Japan's largest commercial, industrial, and financial hub.

It is the administrative hub of the country and has an Imperial Palace for the Emperor. The main distribution center for international trade is located there. There are also numerous significant and well-known manufacturing and processing companies and sectors.

Because of the stunning architecture, artwork, and skycrapers on the towers, it is a preferred tourist and residential location. Tokyo is a center for culture with national museums and theaters of the highest caliber. The city is also home to Japan's main train station, which has connections to various parts of the country. The city is tremendously active as a result of its big population. Check out the pictures below;

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