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18 Strange Things That can Only Happen in India

As per now, India is among the most interesting countries in the world. The Asian nation is rich is its traditions and traditions. These are some of the amazing facts about India.

There are 6 seasons in India

The Hindu calendar states that there are 6 seasons in India. These include; summer, autumn, winter, spring, the monsoon season, and the winter eve season.

There is an agreeing gesture

In India, it is normal to bobble head to head. To Indian, this means that your answer is yes.

India is the largest vegetarian country in the world

In Hinduism, vegetarianism is one of their traditional feature. As per now, 60% of Indians are vegetarians. There is a lowest percentage of people who consume meat in India.

India is the largest English speaking nation in the world

India has two official languages; Hindi and English. However, there are other 17 languages. India has 1,650 different dialects.

The air is polluted

In almost all cities, there is a big challenge of air pollution. The many cars in these cities cause smog and breathing difficulties among the locals. 

The major world religions are found in India

In India, 80% of Indians are Hinduism adherents. There are other world religions; Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

The biggest family in the world lives in India

India has the biggest family in the world. The man of the family has 39 wives and 94 kids.

Children's Day

In India, Children's Day is celebrated on November 14 every year. This is 9 months after the Valentine's Day.

Police are paid for their mustaches

In India, police officers are paid bonus, if they have a mustache. This is because, mustache is an essential feature of Indian folklore.

Indian currency

In India, foreigners are not allowed to take out of their currency out of their country. You only use the rupee in their own country.

Cows have ID cards

In an Indian state by the name West Bengal, each cow has an ID card. The ID card also has a photo.

India is a country of spices

As per now, 70% of the spices in the world are from India. This nation has a big market which it sells to them.


The total population in India is about 1.5 billion people. This population is the highest in the Western hemisphere of the world. The United Nations states that India is about to overtake China in terms of population.


According to research, one marriage out of 100 gets a divorce. India is among the nations in the world that have the lowest divorce rate in the world.

Love Commandos

India has a renown group by the name Love Commandos. Their work is to support oppressed couples from different parts of the world.

There is a new way of using popular beverages

Instead of drinking the beverages, Indians use Coca Cola and Pepsi as pesticides.

Indian Women are very rich

According to research, Indian housewives are very rich. They own 11% of gold in the world. Their gold ownership is more than combined stocks of the USA, Switzerland, Germany, and International Monetary Fund.

They rejected civilization

In India, some parts have rejected civilization. In Sentinel Island, the territory still holds the traditional culture.

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