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Why This Is The Most Scary Tourist Site To Visit In Kenya.

Have you ever travelled and found yourself in one of the most scary place? How was your reaction then?, That is the same answer that you will expect when you visit some if the historical places in Kenya. Actually Kenya have many beautiful places which you can tour. 

In this article, we are going to focus our attention in the lost city of Gedi.

• The ruins of Gedi is actually one of the most scary place to visit, because Gedi was a human settlement that was situated within the forest that is known as Arabuko-sokoke in Kilifi county. 

• This human settlement is made of stones and grass thatched houses and during the colonial period when war was the order of the day. The people who were the inhabitants of this place were killed and their city was destroyed.

• The city was then left abandoned within the forest and no one is living there up to date. 

• The buildings that are found in Gedi are mosque, tomb building, Kings palace . Other things that are there are pottery.

• The reason why many people are scared of that area is because they believe that the residents of Gedi will be attached by the supernatural powers, that is those who had lived there.

• The place nowadays acts as an historical or archeological sites. 

Many tourist from all walks of life have been there to see for themselves how that are is up to now, that is why some them likes the place even though it is very scary out there. If you are not afraid then you should pay this area a visit. 

Indeed, Kenya are blessed to have many places which are cool for touring. The ruined city of Gedi is the best place to spend your vacation.

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