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The Made up Story Of An Aeroplane That Flew And Landed After 35 Years with Ages Of Passengers Remained Constant

The Douglas DC-4 flight Pan Am 914 departed for Miami from a New York airport on 2nd July in the year of 1955.

The flight was just to take a few hours but surprisingly,the plane never arrived at its destination which was Miami.

On March 1992,the radar of Carcass appeared invisibly instead. The pilot questioned where they were only to find that they had landed at Carcass. The pilot stated that they departed for Miami from New York City On 2nd July 1955 and he immediately took off. Nobody seemed to locate and everybody left astonished since the aeroplane appeared somehow older compared to those of the time it landed.

As it was still at Carcass,ATC tried to sent rescue team but the pilot yelled, “We are leaving now, don't approach us.”

While he was waving his hands,he mistakenly dropped pouch calender for the year 1955.

The passengers,who appeared to not have grown older, were screaming on top of their voices due to the changes that had taken place at the place they landed.

Also,the captain's voice was heard questioning, “Where are we now?” Although it was not registered on the ATC radar screen, anyone who was near the Carcass airport saw it. Up to date,there are still ATC Voice recordings and a footage of it.

Nobody could actually find out about the facts. The government of US and Venezuela never talked about the whole incident and took the tapes from the tower with the schedule.

In a certain theory,it is stated that the aircraft passed through a wormhole or a time portal and the also passed through another wormhole.

Let's hear your own view on what happened to the aircraft.

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