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Here Are Some Strange Cultures Among Different People

1.Camel Wrestling in Turkey

You would have heard of of bull fighting, but camel fighting? Not so much people in Turkey look forward to the event in which two male camels fight it out with each other, whoever doesn't run or back ways wins. This event is organised during mating season and the camels have a natural instinct to fight off the other2. Monkey Buffet Festival- serve buffet to monkeys in Bangkok

As the name suggests,this is a buffet for monkeys.monkeys feast at this annual event in Thailand where over 3000kgs of fruits and vegetables are in display for the monkeys to gorge on in Lapburi, Bangkok.

3.Throwing of broken Dishes, Denmark

Looking for away to bring good luck?The Danis sure have a unique way of doing so. During the year people in Denmark save any broken dishes,plates, cups or bowls until New Year's Eve. On the New Year,they throw the broken dishware at the homes of friends and family as a way to wish them good luck for the new year.A less aggressive way to wish good luck is to simply leave a pile broken plates on the doorstep of a loved one. The tradition dates back centuries and in one of the more unique ways to ring in the new year

4.Blackening the bride in Scotland

Having some fun before the wedding is great, but this pre-wedding ritual in Scotland doesn't seem like a lot of fun for the bride.The custom involves throwing eggs,spoilt milk and basically all things disgusting at her. The "blackened bride" is then taken around the town.The custom is a metaphor for the tough life that the bride might have to go through after the wedding. The tradition prepares her for the new chapter as after going through this,all marital problems will look tiny.

4. Eating of the deceased ashes in Venezuela and Brazil

Sure one misses their loved ones when they pass away, but eating their ash to remember them forever? A little far fetched, isn't it? That is exactly what the Yonamamo tribe from Brazil and Venezuela does. Since the tradition forbids them from keeping any body part. It is burned and crushed and the remains are divided amongst the family members are consumed by all

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