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3 Things to Avoid in Japan

Japan has a rich and complex culture that makes it a favourite travel destination for many people. But it also makes the country really easy for tourists to lose track of the country's norms that are very important. The following are 3 things that you should absolutely not do while in Japan.

1. Don't show your tattoos.

Tattoos in Japan are generally associated with the Yakuza which is a large organization of criminals. And because of this, tattoos are are disliked in the Japanese society and most schools bar anyone with a tattoo from entering.

2. Do not hand cash directly to the cashiers.

In Japan, almost every convenience store uses a tray where customers are supposed to place their money on during payment.

3. Avoid wearing shoes in the house.

Like most people, the Japanese hate the dirt from the outside getting in the house. They however provide slippers and other light footwear for use in the house. Other restaurants also ask customers to take their shoes of before entering.

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