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Hilton Hotel Remains One Of The Elegant Hotels In Nairobi

Hilton hotel has been and still one of the most elegant 5 star hotels in Kenya. Some research had some period showed that it is one of the best in East Africa.

Hilton hotel is located at the central business district majorly known as CBD. It is said to be about forty minutes drive from the from the Nairobi National park. This explains why it is much loved by the tourists for they can move in and out of the hotel anytime as they go also to the park for some viewings.

Hilton hotel remains one of the best following the fact that it has a tall tower that gives its customers a chance to have a view of the whole Nairobi city.

Hilton hotel also have a big space for parking all types of vehicles. It is also said that it has some mechanical engineers who cross checks every parked car to ensure the safety of their customers. It also has so many security men that maintains the security of the said hotel.

It has conference hall which can be used by people to conduct their meeting without any disturbance from any side.

The hotel is also regarded as the best based on the meals which are in its menu. It has both the traditional meals and the westernized foods.

Here are some of the photos of its menu, which can help one make a decision to visit the place and have a meal.

Here are also the photos of the entire hotel making it more unique compared to all the hotels in Kenya.

Content created and supplied by: Jalang'oMwenyewe (via Opera News )

Hilton Hilton Hotel


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