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The Countries That Decided To Change Their Names

This countries decided to change their names due to conflicts,changes in the government and independence. They did so long time ago and others have done it recently. The process is not easy because it is costly and can affect them economically but despite all these they managed to change their names.

Here are the countries that Changed their names.

Holland changed to Netherlands.

The government changed the name and decided to use Netherlands in 2020 for promotional purposes and to make Netherlands an open,inventive and inclusive country.

Czech Republic changed to Czechia.

It shortened its name to Czechia in April 2016. It was done so for easy pronunciation since it is a centre of sports and marketing.

Swaziland changed to Eswatini.

The king of Swaziland declared the change of the name to Edward in April 2018. Eswatini is their local name for Swaziland so it was easy for them.

Alto Volta changed to Burkina Faso.

The change was made long time ago in 1984 along with the National Anthem. They changed to Burkina Faso which means Land of whole men.

Siam Changed to Thailand.

It took change in the year 1939 by the king who was ruling the country. Thai means the country of free people.

Irish Free State changed to Ireland.

It took effect in the year 1937 with the intention of removing all tied in the United Kingdom which they had war for 2 years so they decided to change the name to be free and forget.

Most countries changed their names inorder to forget their past and get closer to their identity. To change the name of the country it coated dollars.

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