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Forget Mombasa, Here is a Kenyan Island Resembling Mombasa that is Attracting Visitors Worldwide

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya. Its a coastal city and a port. Well, mentioning Mombasa to Kenyan probably can elicits some goosebumps in their stomachs. This is the place everyone wants to visit due to its beauty. Places such as Diani beach, Nyali beach among others are among the most coveted places on the continent by the tourists. However, did you know that there is another Mombasa in Kenya. Yes, it is. In the waters of lake Victoria lies a very hidden, unique and not known island.

Takawiri is a unique Island on Lake Victoria. Yes not the Coast but in Nyanza. Did you here that. The island resembles the coastal environment yet it is found within the waters of lake Victoria. Perhaps its uniqueness and locality is what makes it too much hidden. This island has sand filled shores just like Mombasa Kenya and its environment full of coconut trees. Takawiri island is no doubt a real replica of Mombasa and coastal environment can be felt here.

The most encouraging fact is that this island seems to be receiving so many visitors both local and international. Its beauty is outstanding and seems to be matching that of Mombasa. However, Takawiri island is too much smaller than Mombasa. In the coming years, this island might attract More Visitors and even competing Mombasa.

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