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Flight Cost From Kenya To USA Now

Welcome again. Today we will check how much fare it costs to travel from Kenya to the United States Of America. I know many of us wish to travel outside countries but we have not yet gotten the chance to do so.

Such long distances, people mostly use airplanes to travel. Prices differ from time to time but of now, the real price to travel from Kenya to the USA is 88,000(Eighty-eight thousand Kenyan Shillings. If you wish to book a flight, visit the Kenya Airways website ( and from there you will be directed on all necessary requirements you need to book a flight. If you do not know how to go through their website, you can visit their offices in Nairobi and speak to one of the assistants.

Kenya airways operate from Nairobi. There are many Flights from Kenya to the USA on a daily basis. They recently introduced a new route from Nairobi to New York Directly.

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