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How an Ugly Dumpsite was Rehabilitated to a Ksh 700 Million Recreational Park in Mombasa

Last year, Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho ushered the New Year in style when he hosted some of the best artists in Kenya to entertain his county residents in the annual celebrations. Everything was perfect, and as expected there was a huge turnout.

But what intrigued and amused many, was the venue the celebration was held in. The serene and beautiful surrounding was a sight to behold.

However, what many don’t know is that a few years back, Kabarani park was an ugly dumpsite. The foul smell and mountains of mountains of garbage made the place an eyesore. What was more devastating was that the dumpsite bordered the Moi International Airport, and Mombasa being an international tourist destination, cringed when the first thing the foreigners saw after landing were heaps of garbage in the Kabarani dumpsite.

It took the effort of the Mombasa Governor Jojo, President Uhuru Kenyatta, and more importantly Mombasa business mogul Asuu to transform the ugly dumpsite into a beautiful revamped park.

Asuu, the Mombasa Cement owner, mandated his CEO Hamuskh Patel to inject Ksh. 700 million to rehabilitate the dumpsite to a recreational park, as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

How was it played out? Well, it took the first step of the governor to ban the dumping of garbage into the dumpsite. The President followed suit by revoking all Kabarani dumpsite land allocations to private developers.

With the ball now left in the Mombasa Cement’s court, they started by getting rid of the garbage using excavators. They leveled the 20 acres of land with quarry dust and soil. To prevent the foul stench from emitting from the ground, they poured superliners across the vast land.

They then planted artificial grass and tree seedlings to beautify the area. However, strong coastal winds uprooted the tree seedlings. To outsmart the force of nature, they planted over 2000 mangrove trees along the coastal line to act as windbreakers. They also planted more tree seedlings of different species in tires filled with soil to provide support.

Installation of a toilet and plumbing system followed because they reasoned that tourists would also visit the place. A 75-meter fountain was also installed on the seafront to prevent mosquitos from breeding.

To put the icing on the cake, a professional landscape designer ordered the mounting of life-sized animal sculptures of rhinos, antelopes, and wildebeest on strategic points to make the are more appealing. 200 flags of different countries in the world were hoisted along the road stretch entering the park.

The place looks beautiful and maybe you should try to visit it someday if you take a day off to relax and chill.

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