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See one of the Largest cruise ships in the world

The keel allure of the seas was laid on 2 December 2008 at the STX Europe Turku shipyard in Finland during a ceremony involving Royal Caribbean and STX Representatives

The ship was launched on November 2009 with further outlifting taking place while afloat in the shipyard allure of the seas was declared complete and formally delivered to Royal Caribbean on 28 December 2010. The ship Left the Turku shipyard on 29 October 2010 at 5: 45 UTC heading directly to her home Port of Port Everglades near fort Lauderdale Florida , United States of America

The ship is equipped with Telescoping funnels to pass under Bridges such as storebaelt Bridges which she passed on 30 October 2010. While the it was reported that there was only 30 centimeters(12 in) off clearence the truth is not at the mean water level it was closer to 2-3 metres (6.6-9.8ft) and the much advertised squat effect whereby vessels traveling at speed in shallow channels will be drawn deeper in the water did not have effect on the draft of the vessel

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