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Best Hotels in Embu Town

Top four best Hotels in Embu Town

Embu Town is one of the most decorated towns in Eastern Kenya. It is resourceful with the most beautiful hotels in the region. The foods and other services/facilities are very affordable in these hotels too. Following are some of the best hotels in this town;

a)     Panesic Hotel

Panesic hotel is one of the best hotels in the county. It is also a unique hotel due to the large and fancy swimming pool. The pool is so smart and ever clean. In Panesic meals of different types are offered at any time of the day, the food is so great. Panesic hotel has one the best Restaurant in town. It is also resourceful with a large free parking for customers. They offer very smart suites and other rooms with adequate room service in town. The security of this hotel attracts many people since it’s good to always know that you are safe and secure even while having fun. The youths love the hotel due to its high speed internet connection. Panesic hotel is a place to have fun and spend holidays with family.

b)     Izaak Walton Inn

Located along the Meru-Nairobi highway, Izaak Walton Inn is one of the places visited by many people in Embu town. The hotel has a large free parking which is also equipped with a very smart filling station. For the best in Embu the best place is the Izaak Walton Inn. Good meals here are prepared and served by great experts in hospitality. The kind of service a customer gets from the moment they get through the gate is what leaves them with an urge to visit place again. Upon bookings the customers have a privilege to make free cancelations. Izaak Walton Inn has a very nice swimming pool. The outdoor pool is nice since the customers are able to enjoy the clean fresh water and the sun during the day. The hotel also has fitness facilities like a gym and a spa. There are nice rooms in the hotel so guests are welcomed at any time of the day. All services in the hotel are offered at affordable prices.

c)      Royal Minni Inn

The Royal Mini Inn hotel is located along the liberty street, Embu town. It is a high class, with the best meals in town. Meals of different types are served at any time of the day. The professional cooks and waiters in the hotel serve the customers with high level of discipline and in the best ways possible. The hotel has a good and organized free parking for the guests. The front desk is active 24/7 (in all hours of the day and night). The best thing about this is that it’s children friendly. Children facilities are at full disposal to the customers. Fitness facilities like gym rooms are also available in the hotel. A free and high speed internet connection and an outdoor pool is the richest resource of the hotel. Customers of different places are welcome in the hotel. A bar and restaurant is also available in the hotel. The hotel also offers best rooms in town. Guests are also offered a free breakfast in the mornings and they enjoy the best room service with full service laundry. Royal Minni Inn, the best place to enjoy your holidays.

d)     Slopes Villa Hotel

Slopes Villa Hotel is located along the Meru-Nairobi highway and just a few meters from Embu University College. The hotel is one of the most visited hotels in town. It’s one of a kind since its few meters outside town making it one of the cool hotels in Embu. Meals of different kinds are served at any time of the day. The hotel has the most beautiful guest rooms with room service. Free breakfast is available to the guests in the hotel. It is resourceful with a high speed internet connection (Wi-Fi). A free parking is also available to all customers. Slopes villa hotel has the best restaurant in town. This is best hotel to have some rest before embarking on your journey to or from Meru. 

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