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Private Houses where Young Girls are Linked to Foreigners who Sleep' with them Film the Act and Pay

After the coronavirus pandemic took the nation by storm, Air bed and breakfast became more popular in offering hospitality accommodation and because of its private state, it has come out to be one of the places where the sex' trade involving minors is at its peak.

What gives it a good environment for the trade to thrive in their private setting and the location that is not easily accessible, it has also come out that several of them are not licensed giving ground for human trafficking and sex' trade to be the business of the day.

After covid hit the county, hotels found it hard to operate because of the guidelines lined up by the ministry of health to curb the spread of the disease. Local and international tourists found Air BnB a better option and that is how its popularity came into existence.

Since sex' tourism is not new because tourists are hitting on the naive victims, most girls hanging around on public and private beaches, and others in strip clubs and streets end up in the unregulated Air BnB where the all-action goes down.

The Air BnB market their services online, this gives them a chance not to register by the government under the hotel's section since a code of conduct is taken from every staff member and whenever anything goes wrong, each one is taken accountable for having taken consent. There is an urgent need to regulate the business because it gives a healthy environment for the violation of human rights to thrive.

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