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Best Hotels in Kirinyaga County

Top five Best Hotels in Kirinyaga County.

1.     Nice Digital.

Also known as Nice Digital City. It’s located at Mwea along the Nairobi – Embu Highway. The fancy buildings and a large free parking attracts people from a distance. Other than the parking there are different vehicle services like filling station, a carwash and lube area for repairs among others. Meals of different types are served at any time of the day at affordable prices. A large dining area attracts you from far and meals are prepared by professional cooks. All the customers are served with high level of discipline and respect. A large fancy Choma Zone is one of the places you can’t deny visiting. This is where you are served with quality meals of all types of meat may be Nyama Choma, some soup, chicken and others. The Hotel is resourceful with waiters who attend to you immediately you take a sit. They also have a front which on service 24hours that means they are ready to receive and serve customers at any time of the day. While enjoying your meal you can also enjoy a high speed WiFi connection. Children facilities are also here in plenty like bouncing castle, electric vehicles, merry go rounds among others. Many people like swimming, now at Nice Digital city is a nice place to do just that since they have a very smart Swimming pool which is outdoor where you can also enjoy the sun. We all like parting the hotel has a good Bar and Restaurant with all types of liquor including alcohol, wine and spirits. During the day you can’t exempt from enjoying the nice environment which is made more beautiful by the fancy lights around the hotel. It’s also one of the hotels with best rooms and nice room service including full service laundry at affordable prices. In the morning you’re offered a free great breakfast. Exercise facilities are also here in plenty to keep your body fit; these include a Spa and nice Gym rooms. Nice Digital City a place to enjoy our holidays and have fun.

2.    Sagana Gateway Resort.

Sagana Gateway Resort is located along the Nairobi- Nyeri Highway at place known as Makuyu. This is just 80 km form Nairobi. This is one of the most convenient hotels in Sagana since transportation services are available by the shuttle bus services. It is resourceful with large conference facilities and meeting rooms, good high speed Internet connection is also available. Great and fresh meals are served at any time of the day. They make foods of all types including Italian and Chinese foods. A large Swimming pool is also available in the hotel where you get to enjoy the water and the sun. Gym rooms and a Spar are also available and enough to all customers. A large bar and Restaurant is also within the hotel vicinity. It is one the hotels offering the best suites and family rooms which also have extra-long beds. Children activities facilities are here in plentiful; therefore it’s a good place to have family holidays.

3.     Destination Resort Center.

This is a high class hotel is located at Makutano. It’s one of the hotels with large free parking in the county. Delicious meals of all types are served at the customers’ request and in any time of the day including a free breakfast. Their rooms and room service here are of high quality since they also have air conditioning systems. A nice Bar and Restaurant offering all types of liquor are also in the hotel’s vicinity. Destination Resort Makutano is a place to be.

4.     Maya Gardens Resort

Maya Gardens is located in Sagana just a few miles from Nairobi. It is one of the hotels with very beautiful compound which is equipped with eye catching creatures all over like fancy birds. The beautiful environment fills the whole place with fresh air. Affordable meals of high quality are served at the customers’ convenient time. Maya Gardens has the most affordable high quality rooms in the Sagana. The meals here are of a great taste. All types of meals at any time of the day. An outdoor large Swimming pool is also one the fancy places in the hotel. A Bar and Restaurant are also available in the hotel.

5.     Bekam Hotel

Bekam Hotel is located in Kerugoya along the Kerugoya-Kutus Road, and this is within the Embu-Karatina Highway. The Bekam hotel offers best foods in Kirinyaga which include delicious Italian and Kenyan meals. The hotel has a large Choma Zone where meat is served accordingly. It’ s the best place to have fun since it’s resourceful with a fancy pool, a rain dancing floor, children facilities for children and a good green environment. Affordable rooms with extra-long beds are also available in the hotel.


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