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Five Things You Should Never Do While in a Matatu

If you regularly board matatus then this is the right information for you. Here are Five things you should never do when boarding or while travelling in a matatu;

1. Never Sleep with your Phone in your hands

Otherwise you'll wake up without your phone. The moment you decide to take a siesta or find yourself fizzing off, with your phone in your hand, the grip lossens and the possibility of someone grabbing it from you is high.

2. Never Sleep Before Receiving Your Balance

Another thing that also touches on sleeping in a Matatu is, doing it before getting your balance from the tout. Obviously there is high probability that you'll wake up when the matatu gets to the stage and most probably you'll forget or you'll not find the tout.

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3. Pulling your head outside through the window

This is usually a very dangerous move when the vehicle is in motion. And especially in Nairobi's busy roads where motorists are always looking for the smallest space to penetrate. You could just loose your head in the process. Please avoid it.

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4. Boarding an overloaded Matatu with a bag on your back.

Anyway, why should you board an overloaded matatu in the first place? Otherwise if you have no option but to board and excessively packed matatu, carry your bag on you had. There is high possiblity of the bag being opened from your back. You could loose very valuable items if you're not careful.

5. Minding Other Passengers Businesses

When in a Matatu, focus on yourself not other people's businesses. Whether they are fighting the tout or throwing insults at each other leave them alone, unless it goes physical and you are sure, your physicality can separate them.

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