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Canadians Who Sold Everything And Moved To Kenya To Chase Their Dreams

Kenya is known for it's rich attraction sites all over the country as before corona a large number of tourists would visit and have a good time either as a vacation or humanitarian work.

So far there is a Canadian based couple who decided to sell everything they had back home, and fully relocate to Kenya. Dave and Mani as stated on their Social media platforms are in their 20's and exploring Kenya.

Having moved in only a month ago,the two are showcasing the impossible as it's now proven that greener pastures can also be found anywhere and wherever.

In addition they have their own YouTube channel where they showcase their day to day experiences on how they first moved in and places they visit everyday just to show the typical mwananchi how other people are loving their own country 😁.

Kenya has been on the rise in harboring many tourists who in turn end up loving it and decide to stay. All over Google as people would search certain things about Kenya or Nairobi,as interviews of some tourists who are already Kenyan citizens say that it's not what they expected to see because Google doesn't show you everything.

Some locals would argue about how they need greener pastures abroad when you can actually start from home and grow bigger by the day. With an increase rise in economy all over East Africa and Africa at large,Kenya is just the place to be.

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