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Check Out The Difference Between Motel, Hotel and Guest House

In todays articles we are giving you the informative difference between 3 names that are confusing to many. This are the difference between Motel, Hotel and Guest House.

1. Motel

A motel is a term used for road side residential accomodations especialy found along highways especially in modernized countries that have people travelling all the time. Motels give people break from their long journey and to stay in for the night to rest after long journey on the road. Motels donot provide total comfort as hotels this is because travelers normally do not have time to avail such facilities.


Hotels are accomodational units that offer multiple services under one roof. Their focus is on comfort of their guests and services offered are to ensure that there is pure satisfaction to their clients.

3.Guests Houses

Guesthouses are small unit houses that normally resemble a house. Guest houses can be a family business or a partnership by people of same agendas. In England Bed & Breakfast is the term commonly used for such units.

Again, the terms used above are being used without proper guidelines. The name of residential unit is the discretion of the owner of the business. He may call it whatever he or she wants.

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