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Reasons Why Canada Is Easy To Travel To But Hard To Leave When You Want.

What do you think you know about this beautiful country apart from police on horsebacks, bears and a fun prime minister. It is estimated that one hundred people move to Canada each year. Most of these immigrants are in search of greener pastures and better paying jobs.

Canada is among the best countries in the world when hospitality is concerned. We are going to find reasons why moving out of Canada becomes a hard task for those who have visited the place.

1. You can see bear shaped licences plates on Canadian cars.


They have started using the normal license plates, but before 1999 it was common to see a shaped walking polar bear license. There are some people who still use the old ones.

2. Canadians have high sense of humour and they love pranks.


A man in Montreal made a car using snow on the wrong side of the road. Policemen arrived at the spot only to be disappointed by the fact that it was not a real car.

3. There is a charity organisations that helps sick people with house chores.


This organisation called cleaning for a reason focuses on helping the needy and sick people with the house chores untill they recuperate.

4. Canada has alot of oil.


Yeah, it is ranked the third country which has a huge surplus of oil after Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. As we know most of the richest countries have oil deposits.

5. Their money can not be destroyed by water but rather reveals secrets hidden on them.


You can wash the money with soap and water and nothing happens to them. It is not made of paper but with plastic. It has a hidden hologram that can be revealed.

6. They are hospitable people to the extent they even build a landing pad for alien.


In Saint Paul's, Alberta, a landing pad is build where visitors from different galaxies can land there spaceship. They are very warm people even to extraterrestrials.

7. Canadians are always there for each other in difficult situations.


Students from Halifax put used jackets on poles that are in very good condition for anyone who might need them. A note is left on each jacket that says, " to anyone who might need it."

8. Honesty is a number one attribute in Canada.


When the subway station was broken, they did not take advantage of the situation. They ensured payments were made and left on top of a box.

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