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The Benefits Of Liwatoni Floating Bridge and Its Disadvantages

The Liwatoni floating bridge which was constructed for the pedestrians was a great idea and a relieve for the people of Mombasa who used to crowd on the ferry hence making its viability limited.

The bridge which covers 1.2 kilometres has made people from different parts of the country to come and witness it's existence while the residents are also using it to experience its goodness as an adventure too.

Recently the directives were given for people to use the footbridge to avoid the ferry but this has raised complains among the residents.The footbridge is congested with human traffic which makes it dangerous particularly when the country is trying to manage Covid-19, it has been seen that no distance is kept and some pedestrians don't have masks.

In as much as the Ferry is decongested, the foot bridge is having disadvantages too , people are also walking along distance commuting another distance using matatu and Tuk Tuks an expense they never had initially. It's like a double jeopardy to them particularly when you consider their income.

However all together the foot bridge is good but it will be well if social distance is kept and people put on masks otherwise it can lead to more infections. Moreover an amicable solution can be found for example if some people can use the ferry while others the foot bridge but the authorities to come up with a proper guideline.

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