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The Difference Between Hotel, Motel, Lodge and Guest House

First and foremost, there are many similarities between hotels and motels. They both offer lodging for multiple nights for travelers with varying degrees of amenities.

It’s also important to note there’s no true authority dictating what is officially deemed a hotel versus a motel. Check out the difference between the Hotel, Motel, Lodge and Guest House.

1. Hotel

Hotels are residential units that offer multiple facilities under one roof. The focus is on comfort of the guests. Services are provided to ensure maximum guest satisfaction.

The atmosphere is created to suit the needs of affording segment of guests. The hotels are further classified according to the facilities they offer. The guests seek to expect excellent curb appeal and ambiance as well.

2. Motel

A motel is a term used for road side residential facility especial on highways. People break journey to stay overnight. The focus is on peaceful sleep of the travelers.

They may not provide leisure facilities as hotels because travelers normally do not have time to avail such facilities.

3. Lodge

A lodge is a smaller unit normally with providing economical residential facility. It may look like a mini hotel.

Lodge historically has been used to describe accommodations that are outdoorsy in nature, or in some way affiliated with a park or natural setting.

That has not ever been an indication of lower class facilities, however. Lodges can be 5 star properties just as any other form of hotel can be.

4. Guests

Guesthouses are small units normally resembling a house. Guest houses can be run by a family. Whole family looks after the needs of the guest in exchange of financial gain. In England Bed & Breakfast is the term commonly used for such units.

Again, the terms used above are being used without proper guidelines. The name of residential unit is the discretion of the owner of the business. He may call it whatever he wants

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