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Africa's Largest Megacity (Photos).

Many people think that Nairobi city, Kenya or Johannesburg city, South Africa are the largest cities in Africa. This is not true because if we consider human population as criteria for determining largest city in Africa then Lagos city will be on the top of the table. This article discusses Lagos city, the largest city in Africa.

Lagos City.

It lies in the South West of Nigeria on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea close to Nigeria's border with Benin. It started as a small fishing village in the 15th century. Lagos has a total human population of approximately 21 million. The tremendous growth in population has also led to rapid expansion of the size of the city.

Lagos city has international and an important sea port. Fishing and farming form the major occupations of the inhabitants of Lagos. It plays a pivotal role in the Nigerian economy. Lagos generates about 12 percent of Nigeria's GDP (Gross Domestic Product). If taken as a state on its own, Lagos would be amongst the largest economies in Africa. The two major problems affecting Lagos city are overpopulation and poor housing.

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