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Five Breathtaking And Most Famous Water Falls In Africa You Should Know

Writing a list ranking the most breathtaking waterfalls in Africa is largely subjective. African waterfalls account for some of the tallest and widest waterfalls in the world as well as being one of the most spectacular.

Without any further ado, let us delve into Africa's most spectacular waterfalls:

1) Victoria Falls(Zimbabwe & Zambia)

Like I had said earlier, how breathtaking one waterfall is over another is subjective. But by far Africa's most famous and admirable waterfall is Victoria falls. To me, it is undisputed and comfortably takes the top spot. Located on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, Victoria Falls attracts millions of tourists all over the world. In its peak season, Victoria falls has the largest volume of falling water. So personally, and for many other people, no other waterfall in Africa rivals Victoria falls as the greatest and most stunning.

2) Lumangwe Falls( Zambia)

This wide table like waterfall is impressive with its large volume of water and size. In fact, I feel had it been in a developed country, it would without a doubt be more famous than it is. Lumangwe falls is 30-40m tall and 160m wide and is an extension of Kalungwishi river.

3) Murchison Falls( Uganda)

Murchison falls is a powerful water fall that releases large volumes of water. At the top of Murchison falls, river Nile forces its way through a gap in the rocks creating a thunderous sound that can make first-time visitors fear and tremble.

4) Kalandula Falls(Angola)

Kalandula falls is one of Angola's stunning natural beauties. Located on Lucala river, Kalandula falls is 344 ft in height and 1300 ft in width and produces one of the biggest volumes of water going downhill. The stunning waterfall is most impressive during the rainy season.

5) Kabwelume Falls(Zambia)

This waterfall originates from Kalungwishi river. It comprises 3 flatbed waterfalls. The main waterfall is about 25 meters high. Locals believe the water Kabwelume waterfalls are home to a snake spirit. This waterfall while flowing forms a spectacular semi-circle of water.

How impressive waterfalls are, is something subjective. But to me, Victoria falls is undisputed. If you have visited numerous waterfalls across Africa, tell me which ones impressed you most by leaving your comments below. Do not forget to share this article after reading it.

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