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Do you get nauseated when travelling? Here is a solution to keep the feeling at bay

Traveling sickness also known as motion sickness can make someone very uncomfortable and even afraid of traveling. The feeling of getting sick, and vomiting all through your journey can cause discomfort to you and irritate your travel mates too.

This could make your friends avoid inviting you to roadrips and and other occasions that include travelling, because instead of enjoying, they will have to deal with you throwing up all through the journey.

Motion sickness is caused by liquid build up in the inner ear due to the movement of a car, plane or ship. It is not cause for alarm though since it goes away immediately the journey and movement is over. You should only be worried if it doesn't go away immediately and sticks around for more than a day.

Signs and symptoms of motion sickness







Passing smelly gas

How to avoid motion sickness

1. Don't read while traveling.

2. Don't concentrate on your phone.

3. Sit on the front seat of a car.

4. Focus your mind on distant objects

5. Don't eat heavy before traveling

6. If you can, avoid smell that will irritate you

6. Take an allergic pill or anti vomiting an hour or two before traveling.

Motion sickness is nothing to be ashamed off. It's very normal it just doesn't happen to everyone.

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